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Building Diagnostics


When you are confronted with building problems and are unsure of who to call, we are here to help you. Problematic building issues can often times prove to be challenging, stressful, and time consuming. The building diagnostics aspect of Quantum Building Solutions services is twofold. We want to find a proper resolution to your building issues and we want to make your life easier. With our knowledge of building construction and system operations, and our accumulated experience of dealing with problematic issues, we are confident we can determine the cause of your building’s problems and work with you to determine the best suited remediation for your issue.


We offer over 25 years of experience and a successful record in identifying, diagnosing, and resolving a wide spectrum of building issues. We employ a forensic approach, utilizing a wide variety of testing equipment, which allows us to more quickly make a logical determination as to the cause of any specific issue. When a situation arises where the services of a professional engineer in a given field are required, we have a diverse pool of professional engineers which we are able to call upon to assist us in resolving your building issues. The combination of experience and resources gives us the ability to work with you on nearly all building issues which you may encounter.


Quality Control Services

At Quantum Building Solutions, we can work with you as an owner, developer, architect, or contractor to implement a quality control inspection program which is custom tailored for your specific project. There are a number of different options which can be offered to you including project drawing and specification review, periodic site inspections and reporting, as well as photo and video documentation during the course of a project.


One of the key aspects we utilize in our quality control services is the knowledge and experience we have acquired through our past building diagnostic services. If we see something during a quality control inspection which we know has a history of being problematic, we are able to bring it to light and work with you in taking appropriate steps to prevent it from becoming a future problem. While it is always important to focus on doing things the right way, we believe it is equally important to focus on not doing things the wrong way.


There are no worse mistakes than those which are repeated.


Site Inspections and Building Surveys

When situations arise where you just need someone to be your eyes and ears, we can help. Oftentimes the requirements of projects become inconvenient and time consuming.

When you simply need information which has to be obtained at the job site, we are available to travel both near and far to do fact-finding. An example of the benefit of this service is to architects, who may be doing additions to existing structures, and need accurate information in order to allow them to design to actual field conditions. Our familiarity with construction gives us the ability to efficiently work with you to gather information you require and quickly report that information back to you for your use.


We are also available to do periodic surveys of buildings, occupied or unoccupied, for property managers or owners.  The benefit of a property survey is to ensure that your buildings are not encountering circumstances which could be detrimental to their condition including items such as water leaks, water intrusion, vandalism, heating and cooling malfunctions, etc. Small issues left unattended oftentimes lead to significant, costly issues. 



Repair Contracting and Supervision

When your buildings require work to be performed on them, we are available to oversee this work for you. Quantum Building Solutions personnel are working for you as the building owner or manager and have your best interest in mind. We are available to work with you from start to finish on any repairs, or to a limited degree as the issue may warrant. We can work with you in developing scopes of work and securing proposals, assist you in evaluating and selecting the best companies to perform work on your building, and provide complete oversight of repairs including scheduling, supervision, quality assurance, and warranty supervision.


We want to take the burden off of you when it comes to dealing with building issues and repairs. We offer a great deal of experience and understanding when it comes to completing repairs to buildings which are in operation, ensuring a high degree of quality and satisfaction, while being as least intrusive to the building’s operations and occupants as possible.




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